Frequently Asked Questions

We obtain South African import and export customs data from SARS on a monthly basis. The data is validated, reorganised and subjected to several proprietary algorithms before being made accessible to you though Stratalyze.

SARS audits the data before releasing it into the market. However, errors do occur and if we pick them up, we notify SARS. Individual traders and clearing agents also regularly post corrections to their historical data and we receive these corrections going back to years with each month’s dataset from SARS.

SARS releases trade data on a monthly basis. Each release covers data for the most recent period, plus all corrections for the preceding 23 months.

There is a delay of approximately 5 weeks between data being captured by SARS and this data being released to the market. For example, you will get August’s data around the beginning of October.

No, everything runs directly within the browser on devices such as your computer, phone or tablet. TradeStats has been built using standard web technologies, and as such is supported by modern browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Edge.